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ABOUT ME: I’m Trudy and I am the writer and social critic for Gradient Lair. I’m a 35-year-old Black woman who identifies as Jamaican Black (yes, Black is the noun, H/T to Nikki Giovanni), though raised in the U.S. and acculturated and influenced by both Jamaican culture and Black American culture. I am cisgender and identify as an ace; heteroromantic asexual, though in terms of aesthetic attractions, panromantic. I am a Womanist and Womanism (which has similarities to and differences from feminism) most accurately speaks to my identification, lens and framework for anti-oppression praxis. This is a one-person, personal blog.

I identify as neither Republican (barf) nor Democrat (Zzz). I don’t use the labels “progressive” or “leftist” as identifiers for myself since progressives’ and leftists’ divestiture from anti-Blackness and misogynoir remains to be seen. I don’t see my humanity represented in those politics either; superficially at best. To speak on my experiences, I often use intersectionality as a framework, but not the only framework. I identify as an agnostic atheist but still very connected to Black culture though zero interest in Abrahamic monotheisms. Though I am an atheist, I am not interested in White supremacist mainstream atheism, at all.

I have a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and I completed 2 years of additional graduate work in Psychology/Mental Health Counseling. I studied race, gender and mental health education and praxis. I have a current interest in how media and pop culture impacts Black culture/sociopolitics, which is a lot of what I write about here. I also write a lot about intersecting oppressions and violence that Black women experience in private, public and online space. I studied Behavioral and Social Sciences at the baccalaureate level. (It’s a no on pursuing a Ph.D. and my exhaustion with abuse and exploitation from academics is palpable.)

I am an introvert (INTJ). Type-A. Virgo.

ABOUT GRADIENT LAIR: I started this blog in May of 2012 as: 1) A SAFE SPACE for me to share my experiences. In other words, bullying of any type, especially with regards to race/gender is unacceptable here. 2) A place to celebrate all that is wonderful about Black women, primarily in America, but I also include some diasporic posts. 3) A place to discuss sociopolitical issues, art, media etc. critical to the experiences of Black women and other groups of people who face marginalization in America.

Gradient Lair is a blog about the subjects that interest me (art, media, social media, socio-politics and culture) on an anecdotal, experiential and empirical level with regards to the experiences of Black women. Some posts are about my perspectives specifically. Some are about Black women in general and include my perspectives as a Black woman. 

I chose the name Gradient Lair, as I defined in the header because gradient (as a photography tool) implies gradual change in a shade of colour. That refers to actual hues of Black women, but also in the variance of views that we share as we are not a monolithic group. Lair implies a retreat or creative space for reflection, reasoning or resolution. For clarification on the features on the right panel (i.e. Meridian, Secant etc.) click here.

Do NOT come here as a bully, voyeur or plagiarizer. You are not welcome here. If this does not apply to you, welcome! My primary audience = Black women, period. However, others who do not fall into the aforementioned categories can come as well. This is not race 101 or gender 101. I am not required to educate anyone and my existence is not defined by people’s need to consume without concern for my well-being.

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