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Why The Title "Gradient Lair?"

Gradient Lair was started in May of 2012. This space is first and foremost a Safe Space for me. I wanted to write a blog about the things that interest me (art, media, social media, socio-politics and culture) on an anecdotal, experiential and empirical level with regards to the experiences of Black women.  

Some posts are about my perspectives specifically. Some are about Black women in general and include my perspectives as a Black woman. Basically it’s essays, rants, photos, and videos.

I chose the name Gradient Lair, as I defined in the header because gradient (as a photography tool) implies gradual change in a shade of colour. That refers to actual hues of Black women, but also in the variance of views that we share as we are not a monolithic group. Lair implies a retreat or creative space for reflection, reasoning or resolution.

It’s basically a place to make a mixture of ideas, thoughts and concepts into a recognizable format.