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June 2012

The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Black Women, and The Politics of Natural Hair

As I mentioned in a previous video post, I love The Melissa Harris-Perry Show. She and her guests talk culture and politics, present a diversity of perspectives and her guests vary in age, political party and ideologies, gender, race, and areas of expertise. I can’t think of a show quite like hers.

Today’s episode featured a great segment on Black women, natural hair, beauty and the politics of personal (as well as the personal of politics).

FIVE, yes, FIVE Black women (including her as host) sat around the table and discussed these topics. I have NEVER seen a panel of FIVE Black women anywhere on television, network or cable. (The most I’ve seen was four, and that was on BookTV, which while it is a great channel, it certainly doesn’t get the viewership numbers of MSNBC.) Furthermore, five Black women of varying complexions, ages and textures of…natural hair? Never. The sheer optics of this amazed me. (As I blogged in reference to Obama, sometimes optics and vocals matter.)

She discussed the politics of Black hair (with some educational points that seem to elude large segments of the population who come in contact with Black women, yet are fairly uneducated on Black hair). Her panel discussed many issues (economic, political, beauty) concerning Black hair, and there was also a lighter segment about great moments in Black hair. I enjoyed all of the segments. Links to the videos on MSNBC’s site are below.

The Politics of Black Hair

How Black Hair Matters

There’s Big Business In Black Hair

The Great Moments In Black Hair

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