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June 2012

Bristol Palin, Kim Kardashian and White Privilege

I submitted a post to a popular Tumblr blog called This Is White Privilege. My post is #569 (meaning that there’s currently over 500 individual submissions from people.) What I wrote is below. 

White privilege is Bristol Palin’s and Kim Kardashian’s careers. When are minority, especially Black women, applauded and celebrated for teenage pregnancy and motherhood? What Black woman celebrity has built a career and massive profits sheerly from the number of/fame of her sexual partners? Neither have any discernable talents, abilities or intellect and are celebrated—even worshiped anyway.
While NO woman should have her sexual habits policed, only White ones can build an entire profitable career outside of the traditional sex industry (stripping, prostitution, escorting, pornography) based on their PRIVATE sexual habits—ones Black women are admonished for on a regular basis.
Even if Black women are somehow allowed to capitalize on non-specific abilities, it is done so at the price of all Black women. (RHOA is viewed as “Black woman pathology,” Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Life Is A Tripp or Mob Wives are NOT viewed as “White woman pathology.” White privilege means only being required to represent yourself, not an entire race.)

And, before anyone dares to name Rihanna or Minaj or similar, they are artists who must write, record, design, style, promote, market and perform. They are artists and have careers, even if their sexuality is a part the career’s image. There are NOT applauded for their personal sexual habits, nor are they paid gross amounts of money solely for them.

For those who refute my example, any of the examples listed on his blog or the concept of White privilege itself, realize it’s been studied and documented. It exists. Also realize that even if it wasn’t “studied” in an official academic capacity, it doesn’t make the situations and perceptions that people of colour experience because of it any less real. (The blogger of This Is White Privilege has a great Frequently Asked Questions section.)