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June 2012

"Can You Teach Me About Racism?"

My second submission to the This Is White Privilege (TIWP) blog on Tumblr was posted a few days ago, and it is #686. (Click here to read my first submission, #569 on the TIWP blog.) Below is what I submitted: 

White privilege is White people demanding that this blog, TIWP, (or any blog where race is mentioned by a PoC for that matter) be “educational” or “social justice,” as if you have no right to create and use this blog as you see fit.
Again, the concept that your (and other PoC) experiences should be conveyed in a way that “teaches” Whites, and ultimately is in service of them, is pretentious and annoying. PoC do not solely exist for the service of Whites, even if that service, as defined by Whites, is supposed to make them “better people” and “less racist.” THE ONUS IS ON THEM to educate themselves and improve. They are to take initiative for themselves. We are not their maids of soul-fixing, integrity-creating, racism-rejecting skill development. We are not their ”magical Negroes” of the blogosphere.
That is annoying enough when conveyed through media, let alone people expecting it in real life. IF someone learns from what is shared on any blog by any PoC, great. But PoC bloggers are NOT required to create or gear their blogs towards “teaching Whites.”

The idea that people of colour should be breaking their neck to “educate” White people on racism, as if they have no role in the matter and as if they bear no societal and moral responsibility is ludicrous. I reject the whole premise.

Even on Twitter, people hopscotch their way into my mentions expecting me to become some sort of race-Google that answers every question as if they don’t have the same books, websites, blogs, articles, Internet, colleges, and human contact that helps me form opinions. It’s one thing to ask me about my experiences. It is another to expect me to “teach” those who don’t give a damn enough about change to educate themselves in the first place.

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    My second submission to the This Is White Privilege (TIWP) blog on Tumblr was posted a few days ago, and it is #686....
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    This also goes for people who take LGBTQ people (esp. LGBTQ POC ) and expect them to use and explain their lives as...
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    I Am Not Race Google should be my new catchphrase.