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July 2012

"Hey BUDDY! I Totally Understand! Racism Is A Two Way Street!"

Um…not even…

Below is my third submission to the This Is White Privilege blog on Tumblr, #726. (I also submitted #686 and #569.)

White privilege is when a White person (who individually declares themselves as not racist) calls a PoC a “friend,” yet expects that “friend” to NEVER to discuss racism or think any mention of microaggressions is the PoC being “overly sensitive.”

They will also convey a bad experience (although NOT racism, of course) that they’ve had and think that retelling that experience is “equalizing” and should silence the PoC “friend” about their own experience with actual racism.

Example: PoC: “I was racially profiled by the police today. It truly frightened me. I’m just glad that they didn’t physically hurt me.”

White person: “Tell me about it. Racism sucks. This Black chick was soooo mean to me at Forever 21 today. See! It goes both ways! I know EXACTLY how you feel!”

This is what conversations involving race were like during my many years in the past in corporate America…even among people who dared call me a “friend.”

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