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October 2012

Victim Blaming Is At The Core of Many Ideologies

The Just World Fallacy, the law of attraction (and related bastardization of quantum physics, read Barbara Ehrenreich’s Bright Sided for more on this), patriotism, American exceptionalism, secular positivity culture (i.e. “positive” pop psych books), corporate American culture, meritocracy and prosperity gospel are ALL designed to and maintained by: protecting elites, maintaining the status quo, victim blaming, and the rationalization of mass suffering inflicted by those who benefit from any or all of these ideologies.

It calls for the powerless to claim responsibility for the limited choices (and results of said limited choices) afforded to them, on purpose, by the powerful, and for the powerful to claim zero responsibility for the infliction of said limited choices, abuse, destruction or oppression. Ultimately, all of these ideologies and frameworks are marketed toward the powerless, while the powerful laugh, deny the existence of their power or profit from it. Worse, many of those in various oppressed groups have convinced themselves that they deserve to suffer based on some demographic or “intrinsic” flaw, or even worse, they’ve bought into the idea of the corrosive false meritocracy that makes them think those who lord power and capital over others, "earned" it.

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