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October 2012
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False Equivalence


In America, Black Excellence receives the same treatment as White Mediocrity or, sometimes, White Failure. That’s why a white man with a criminal record has a better chance at employment than a black man with a college degree.

Exactly. Being White itself is viewed as a skill, ability or qualification, and is inherently a part of white privilege. Whiteness + mediocrity = Blackness + excellence is the message portrayed over and over and over. Most of us have already been prepped for the work twice as hard for half as much meme. And I know this…literally…in every facet of life. Even…like…dollar amount. Once I worked the same IT job as a White male who earned literally double the money. I mean $43,000 versus $86,000. This is not hyperbole. I’m talking W2 forms here. (We had equal experience and skill level, I had more education). So when they speak of affirmative action as some sort of evil that screws over White people, I find myself both angered and amused, simultaneously. I need the receipts! They CANNOT provide the receipts for these claims!

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    "Once I worked the same IT job as a White male who earned literally double the money. I mean $43,000 versus $86,000....
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    The bold part is some truth that hit my heart just now.
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