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October 2012

White Women and White Privilege

I love how I am supposed to pretend that racism is only facilitated through the speech and actions of White men, that only White men have White privilege, and that only White men benefit from White supremacy in our society.

Intersectionality fail.

When I used to blog on Wordpress a couple of years ago, there was a White woman who got really angry about one of my posts. I mentioned that I don’t like when people create an entire blog post just to say why they have been gone from their blog (especially when nothing eventful happened in the hiatus). Nobody cares. Just come back with a great post or photo. Then we care again. When a popular White male business blogger named Chris Brogan mentioned the same thing (which I found out after my post), everyone cheered of course. Yet I did, and this woman came to snatch my wig!

She blogged layers of insults (and used my name in the post) and got other mediocre (and I say this based on the content I saw on their blogs, not just to be mean) bloggers to cosign with her. What’s interesting is a few White male bloggers started following my blog or commented/emailed me to tell me that they agreed with my point (probably because they saw the same point mentioned on Brogan’s blog back then). However, other White women cyber high-fived her; called me “spoiled” and “privileged.” What?

All of this over a post that I really didn’t think was even remotely controversial, especially compared to what I blog now?

She included a photo of a monkey on a keyboard as the photo to accompany the article. I reported this to WordPress, and in Tumblr’s style, of course they ignored this. Now, if a White male had done this, it would be deemed racist and outrageous by some, though of course WordPress would’ve still done nothing.

I’ve said this over and over but ultimately, my day to day problems are with White women and their microaggressions and lack of recognition of White privilege and Black men with their street harassment. This is the Monday through Sunday type of stuff. And again, this does not mean that ideologies, systems and institutions in a White supremacist capitalist patriarchal society that primarily benefit wealthy, heterosexual, able-bodied White men do not also hurt me. These aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m simply talking about daily social interactions. Daily. DAILY.

I keep thinking about the negative racialized statements from the likes of Tina Fey, Lina Dunham and Ashley Judd that I am supposed to ignore because these women make White women feel empowered. Please.

Like one of my sisters (literally a relative, not figuratively) wrote:

Black Feminists and Womanists are Black and Female at all times 24/7 we do not choose to be Black in the day time and women at night.

When I encounter White women who truly understand racism, White privilege, and microagressions, who are consistently trying to unpack, deconstruct, challenge and change these, it’s somewhat relieving. However, even some who identify as feminists aren’t embracing feminism intersectionally.

I won’t even mention the current headache of Abigail Fisher and white privilege. So many other bloggers have got this one covered, and have written about it so well.

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