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November 2012

Conversations With White People About Race

I don’t think a real conversation about race or racism is even possible with a White person until these 4 basics are known:

  1. White supremacy isn’t just about the KKK or Skinheads. Not even close.
  2. White privilege isn’t just about financial wealth, fame or class. Not even close.
  3. "Reverse racism" doesn’t exist.
  4. Discussing Whiteness, as an ideological construct does not mean that I am accusing Becky Sue of Kansas City, Kansas of being racist today at 5:25pm.

Then, they’d have to actually study the accurate definitions for the words above, examine the historical context of each and think about how these above are exactly why they’re uniformed (even when they’re “intelligent” in other areas) about these above. One of those thought paradoxes.

Oh…and notice that I said conversations about race, not curing racism. I’m not delusional so I wouldn’t prescribe that. Oh…and also notice that I said conversations, not people of colour “educating” Whites, as they are not infants on the matter of race and live on the same Earth as people of colour.

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