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November 2012

We shouldn’t demand any Black person feel any particular way about Obama. We should demand real attention to his domestic/foreign policy. Like…line by line focus, with accompanying discussion about its impact on Black people here and abroad. The people who are experts, who love or hate him, are not willing to engage in that level of critique because they know what they will find. I honestly think that especially when it comes to these “Black communities,” knowledge isn’t the issue as much as willingness to sit with truth—the truth about our political landscape as any other social geography on this planet is very unsettling. Anyways, the question I’m tryna piece together is will the indicators of our well-being be affected positively by either of these candidates? But if you would rather spend time asking this or that person to hate or love Obama, fine. I just think that’s personal. Demanding a certain emotional response to Obama is a policing method and this police state we are in doesn’t need any more undercover cops.


This quote is from a mini-rant of tweets that he shared previous to the election. He rules. Follow him on Twitter.

I love how he spoke to this being about more than do we like or dislike President Obama.  The way Black people are poised to process Obama differs from everyone else. This is partly in good reason (i.e. cultural), but mostly not (limiting and not permissive of nuanced views).

I would add also policing “how” Obama conveys emotion is also annoying. (As a Black introvert, I get LIVID over people policing HOW I convey emotion and whether or not it is up to par.) Critique his actions. That’s more important.

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