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December 2012

I Am Not Your Servant

White folks, come get your people!

Yet once again, I stopped by the library earlier today, and before I even settled comfortably in a chair (I had been there for literally four minutes), a White woman was demanding assistance, despite FIVE White librarians being in the central area so that everyone can see them in case help is needed. Also, she casually ignored the White people (about eight) who were also around, whom she could have bothered instead.

I told her to seek a librarian. She tried to yell “okay, okay fine!” over my voice, in the way that Black men do when I reject their street harassment. Do White women and Black men know how similar their behavior is towards Black women? If I close my eyes and there are no vocal pitch differences, I would not be able to tell the difference between them in public in many instances (except when the conversation detours into sexually aggressive content, via men).

They genuinely take the stance that they are owed service. Even attention. I owe White women NOTHING. I am not their servants.

I’ve mentioned this before, the problems at various public libraries. I ask the sweet baby 8lb. 6oz. Jesus from Talladega Nights to allow me to be accepted to one of the doctoral programs that I applied to so that I can be at college libraries again, when I need one. I…never had a problem at a campus library at any school I visited or attended. I guess this may sound class privileged—comparing a college library to a public library, but truthfully, the public library I visited where this happened today is in a wealthier city than I am from or live in. Actually, the average income is double that of the city I am from. These people have class privilege and white privilege. They just are spoiled White brats who have poor manners and think they are rich, when the real rich people live across the damn Intracoastal.

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