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December 2012

The Unicorn Defense Against Claims Of Racism

It’s interesting that when a Black person describes a racist experience they’ve had, a common one at that, with minimal room for equivocation, Whites will provide at least 1,475,667 excuses as to why it’s not racism.

I’m honestly waiting for The Unicorn Defense. You know…unicorns were presumed to be real once and the person who committed the racist act or said the racist words has (or doesn’t have) the letter “u” in their name, ergo it was not racism.

And surely, the very boring Whites nearby said conversation will pull out their Microsoft Word document of excuses or perhaps a derailment Bingo card and voice that for every act of racism that exists, there is an equal and worse act of “reverse racism.” It doesn’t matter that the latter is a lie used by the desperately ignorant who are obtuse when it comes to understanding issues regarding affirmative action (or…any history…in general) or they think that since a Black girl didn’t worship them in 4th grade, their lives are plagued by “anti-White” “racism” in adulthood. It doesn’t matter if this White person rejects the existence of White privilege since they don’t also have class privilege and choose to blame Black people (and other people of colour) for their financial struggles, not the White wealthy who engage in crooked practices, erect laws and institutions to oppress and straight up bamboozle the White poor into worshipping them in the name of loyalty to white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Ultimately the unicorn reveals the truth to them! That letter “u” (or not) is sound reasoning! It’s compassionate too!

Oh…this doesn’t make any fucking sense? Neither does telling Black people to quietly endure oppression or at least speak of it politely as to not offend oppressors…as that would be rude! Microaggressions are fine. Bigotry is fine. Oppression is fine. Institutionalized racism is fine. Overt racism is fine. The government and the media/Hollywood as the right and left arms of oppression, squeezing the life out of Black people are fine. However, a Black person not being polite when discussing the racism they’ve experienced or not accepting The Unicorn Defense—-that’s the real societal problem!

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