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January 2013

Patriarchal Thinking Is Hypocritical Thinking

Are some Black men going to continue slamming Beyonce for looking gorgeous and sexy on GQ, showing skin, while their own avatars are shirtless with low hanging pants and they spend time begging for naked Twitpics and sexting?

Are some Black men going to continue making erroneous juxtapositions, ones shaped by rigid notions of success and sexuality, between Rihanna/Beyonce and Michelle Obama, while they themselves are nothing like Barack Obama? Will they continue to use these juxtapositions to shame non-famous Black women into behaving the way they want them to?

Are some Black men going to continue to send the tweet below despite the fact that Black women earn 32% more Bachelors degrees than Black men and 69% of the PhDs that go to Black people are to Black women?

Amber Rose has girls going bald. Nicki Minaj has them going multi-colored. Kim K has them making sex tapes. Who’s going to have them going to school?

Further, who actually believes such a binary that a haircut impacts potential for going to school? And, many people do not have “famous” sex tapes but make them at home with their partners AND still attend school and graduate. I reject patriarchal either/or thinking.

Are some Black men still going to call Black women shallow for copying Rihanna’s or Nicki Minaj’s fashion and style while they copy Rick Ross’ beard, use Dr. Dre’s headphones and renounce their own fashion sensibilities (and Black men have a history of exquisite style) by dressing the same (i.e. long black tee and jeans)?

Are some Black men going to call Black women who want to be models stupid, but their goal of being rappers is normal and legitimate?

Now certainly some Black men never even explored the hypocrisy of the thoughts, statements and behaviors above; they just think, speak and do them. Others are fully aware of the hypocrisy and will claim science (i.e. their habit of calling sexism, gender socialization and cultural norms "natural") or religion (which by design IS patriarchal and sexist) deems all of the above acceptable.

I…just see it as what it is. Utterly boring, predictable and patriarchal hypocrisy.

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