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January 2013

Black Women At The Inauguration


Of course there was Michelle Obama, First Lady of The United States, her fabulous mom, Marian Robinson,  and young women Malia and Sasha Obama, who looked amazing and were completely adorable. I never get tired of seeing the Obamas in public. I also noticed that the President’s half-sister, Auma Obama was there.

The amazing soloist Alicia Olatuja from Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was great. Her voice is stunning. That choir SANG. 

The invocation by Myrlie Evers-Williams. Nice. Her voice has so much richness and character and I could listen to her for hours. There’s a history in her voice; like…I think of her as a griot.

Beyoncé was amazing singing the National Anthem; I read that it was pre-recorded because of the weather, but if so, um…she still sang it. She has to sing in order for a recording to exist. I think this part is lost on some people too blinded by hatred, but I am sure they will live. (Sidebar…Jay-Z looked fine as hell. Wow.)

I saw glimpses of other Black women who are stars including Gabrielle Union and Tina Knowles, and of course the latter was stunning because that’s just how Tina rolls. I saw a few other famous faces in the crowd but their names elude me at the moment.

I watched the coverage on NBC, so I enjoyed seeing Tamron Hall doing a lot of the reporting during the actual parade. She’s always brilliant and funny, and always looks amazing.

The crowds looked amazing and despite our smaller percentage amidst the population, there seemed to be so many Black people out there on The National Mall; like so many. Some of the impromptu interviews on various channels were pretty good. It seemed like the one day where Black people were being interviewed as human beings and their opinions mattered, where news media was concerned. Being that Black women tend to have the highest voter participation turnout, it was good seeing so many there.

Jennifer Hudson of course SANG her heart out, as she always does, for President Obama’s and First Lady Michelle Obama’s dance at the Inaugural Ball. Lovely. Of course Michelle’s dress (I love Jason Wu’s style, he is the designer) was amazing, but the President wasn’t too shabby himself. Not everyone can rock the white bow tie instead of black, but he can.

Staff Sargeant Bria D. Nelson got to dance with President Obama and I always think it’s cute when military members get to dance with them. Loved her short natural haircut.

Of course the Inauguration isn’t solely about images, but again, they still are important, especially for Black women, considering how our image is so effectively ignored, distorted and erased in so many places. Not this time.

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