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January 2013

Read This Week

This is my 32nd Read This Week feature. For those new to Gradient Lair, once a week from the blog’s start, I’ve shared articles and essays that I’ve recently read and think you may be interested in, based on your interest in my blog.

Sometimes I really try hard to show that Fat Black women are sexual beings by fatbrownowl on Tumblr is a great read. Just last week someone checked my thin privilege and asked why I don’t share more photographs of fat Black women and I apologized; I will do better and search for more to blog/reblog. This article is great because she challenges the stereotypes of “mammy” and “comic relief” and more. Worth the read!

Why Isn’t There A White Entertainment Television by racismschool on Tumblr is a great read because it clearly illustrates how most media, and not “most” as in 51%, but closer to the 80%-90% and above range, is dedicated to White people, period. This is not a theory, it is a fact. (I recently wrote about the presumption of Whiteness as “universal,” and how to remain that way, they don’t use the label “White.”) This post actually lists television channels and reveals how Whites have plenty of media choices; they simply don’t want Black people (primarily) or other people of colour to have any.  

Casual Things You Do That Trivialize Rape (So Please Stop Doing Them) by callingoutsexists on Tumblr is a great read. Why? Because sadly, women with internalized sexism engage in some of this behavior. It’s not solely men, though regardless of the gender/age of the victim, perpetrators are overwhelmingly male. There is no false equalization to be had here; primarily men rape, PERIOD. However, I’ve seen women with minds that remain colonized defend rape culture as well. Please do not do this. EVER.

On Being More Like Them by sonofbaldwin on Tumblr is really beautiful. Someone asked him about race, religion, and homophobia, and he took the time to explain this and added some additional reading at the end of the post. Black people know that we are portrayed as the most homophobic people Earth and he, as someone both in the Black and LGBTQ community, explained why this occurs. Definitely worth the read.

Being Held Accountable For Online Dirt, In Real Life by @fatfempinup is really good. It’s a series of tweets where she questions people being accountable for what they say online, offline, and makes sure to mention accountability isn’t the same thing as policing. She makes good points here. I don’t view the Internet as some weird space that is completely separate from offline life. There is overlap, especially for people who are in your life in both spaces. Behavior matters. 

Stay tuned for next week’s suggestions!

Also, I started up my 2013 reading board (for books, not articles) on Pinterest. I’ve had some good reads already. You can view my 2012 review on my reads or the 2012 reading board by clicking on the links.

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