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February 2013

About A Troll Who Thinks To Be Black Is To Be Homophobic…

I just had to deal with an Arab man on Twitter who asserted that me supporting the LGBTQ community (which of course, includes Black LGBTQ people) is being “Westernized” and “disrespecting my ancestors.” Also, like a typical, unintelligent man, being that he was losing the debate, he then moved on to attacking my hairstyle. Men are so pathetic with that; aesthetic insults or violent threats whenever their stupidity is exposed. After a certain amount of stupidity and asking him 4 times to leave my mentions, and him launching assaults at other people who follow me, I filed a report with Twitter. (If you ever need to file a report—not sure if it will help because I know filing reports with Tumblr doesn’t help, for example, click here.)

Obviously the problem is that in his mind, all LGBTQ people are White and all homophobes are Black. (I won’t even get on the fact that he dared to insult my ancestors with the presumption that they were homophobic versus Whites who were loving and welcoming of LGBTQ people.)  Even many White people in the LGBTQ community take this stance and will use racist statements to defend themselves when they encounter Black homophobic people.

First of all, The Black community and the LGBTQ community intersect. I don’t care how many times only men who are cisgender, wealthy and attractive like Anderson Cooper are used as the face of the LGBTQ community. That’s not a full picture of the reality of that community which is permeated by varying races, sexual orientations and gender identity/presentations, classes, ability/edu levels and more.

What this bully failed to realize is that everything that he asserted that is being “Americanized” or “Western” is the DIRECT OPPOSITE. He asserted that being pro LGBTQ is a Black person “trying to fit in” with American Whites, again revealing his illogical and inaccurate assumption that all LGBTQ people are White. (I could solely stand up for Black people and in doing that it would include LGBTQ Black people as they ARE A PART OF THAT COMMUNITY. PERIOD.) Standing up to bigotry has been the fight of Black people’s lives in America, and to claim that resistance is White supremacy versus it being the direct opposite of what is expected of us in a White supremacist society is him being obtuse and ahistorical as hell.

I don’t call myself “American” per se, as I identify as Jamaican Black, but I was raised here with my siblings, first generation of my family too, and I truly identify with the Black experience here and other places. This person asserted that no one Black should call themselves American (while also tweeting racist and homophobic things about Black people—and he should be an “ally” as a person of colour? Please…) and one of my followers on Twitter had this to say about this troll’s comments:

I read his comments. If we can’t call ourselves Americans then no one can.

To which I replied:

This country belongs to those who built it. Descendants of those who built it fighting against WSCP is not being “Western.”

(WSCP = White supremacist capitalist patriarchy)

In summary, by not being a homophobe, an Arab man decided that I am being a Westernized White supremacist. How truly sad and warped his ideas of what is White and what is Black in this country must be, and his perception of liberalism in regards to the LGBTQ community is one that has not had a truly intersectional analysis. If he thinks Whites here are patting Black people on the head with love and encouragement when we resist and fight injustice, he obviously knows not one true thing about race and America. If he cannot see that standing up against bigotry hurled at the LGBTQ community directly connects to Black struggle and Black women’s feminist struggle—that fighting all oppression is key to resistance, he knows nothing of resistance or the quest for liberation. He, not me, is the White supremacist.

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