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February 2013

"That’s A Witness!"

Whenever someone would confirm a thought that my late mom had, or agreed with her, before she even found out that they did, she would say “that’s a witness!” I loved that.

In this case, Son of Baldwin is a WITNESS.

I just wrote about dealing with a person of colour, a Twitter troll, who asserted that by supporting LGBTQ people (which again, includes Black people) I am the one that is a White supremacist, not him. Well, Son of Baldwin just reminded me of an essay that he wrote confronting the same thing, an essay I recommended in my 32nd Read This Week feature, no less. He writes:

It’s simply a case of the student trying to impress/outdo the teacher (Peep, for example, how American evangelicals are financing the anti-queer movement in Uganda; what’s old is new again). But don’t try to argue this point with so-called conscious black folk. Like their misogyny, their anti-queerness is legendary. They want the mythical, all-heterosexual Africa of their fantasies, not the one that actually exists/existed. And they will fight you to the death to preserve it. They will say it is YOU, not THEM, who is turned out by white supremacy. Ignore them. Pity them. But do not believe them. They are wrong.

In this case, the person who asserted that bigotry is our birthright was an Arab man, not a Black one, but if you read the rest of Son of Baldwin’s essay, you’ll see how this same stance is shared by many people of colour, sadly, because of White supremacy, and how they are convinced that bigotry, not resistance, is the way to freedom.

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