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February 2013

So Lena Dunham Is Your Pathway To Feminism? Ha.

One of my Twitter followers tweeted an essay where a White male asserted that seeing what Lena Dunham has experienced is what motivated him to become a feminist. (Isn’t it always a White woman credited with creating feminist pathways?) This makes sense…if feminism is solely White supremacy for women. Certainly, comments made about her looks and weight are sexist. The idea that her sexuality shouldn’t be able to be a part of a show that she controls, revealing male privilege in Hollywood, is duly noted as outrageous. I never denied this. However, if people are willing to purposely turn a blind eye to her racist antics, her supporters’ specific anti-Black woman antagonism (and by no means do I assert that my links are inclusive of all of it; it’s only some of what she’s done—so don’t bring the logically fallacious stance here, that if I don’t provide all examples of her behavior, her behavior doesn’t exist) and pretend that she doesn’t have (and deeply enjoy) White and class privilege solely because she doesn’t have gender privilege, again, they are approaching feminism as White supremacy for women. I reject this. I will not support it.

And for the boringly predictable people who will say “what racism, what antics?” Stop for a second and think about WHY I know what she has said and done and why you do not in the age of 24/7 news and media? How is it possible that so many people critique her stances and behavior and all you see is endless White goodness and feminism? Why? Don’t blame me and point fingers at me. Think about why when Black women (and some Black men, other people of colour…and even some Whites who aren’t about living that delusional life regarding race, one James Baldwin critiqued so so well) mention Lena Dunham, Ashley Judd, Tina Fey, Jenny Johnson, Lisa Lampanelli, Chelsey Handler and Sarah Silverman, for example, why can’t you come up with a single thing that they have said or done beyond memes of lily-White perfection, yet everyone else can? Why is that? Why is it that excuses are made whenever they engage in behavior that if White men did, it would be appropriately deemed racist?

One of the reasons why Dunham and Lampanelli, especially, are antagonistic is because neither of them fit Eurocentric standards of beauty either, beyond having White skin. They really do not. Now should beauty standards like these exist in the first place? Of course not. (And, by not meeting them, are they absolved of having White privilege? No. They are fully aware that despite not meeting such standards, their White skin affords them to be ranked above Black women or other women of colour. They are acutely aware of this.) However, instead of truly challenging these standards, they make comments about how they’re desirable to Black men despite their looks (which infers that they think Black men are beneath White men then—and some Black men will sadly applaud this stance anyway, because they too buy into Eurocentric ideas of beauty and believe being with a White woman is a greater accomplishment than being with a Black one) or make comments about how they are in shape/attractive when compared to an area where Black women live.

This is the garbage that I am supposed to applaud because we are “all women” “together?”


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