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February 2013

#WhiteHistoryClasses, Race, Satire and Social Media

The satirical as well as historically, culturally and intellectually relevant trending topic #WhiteHistoryClasses took off by storm amidst Black Twitter yesterday (though many people, not only Black people participated), and it was started by @BrokeyMcPoverty (who also has a post on PostBourgie about it).



As usual, during Black History Month (and interestingly enough, this month, more than any other culturally identified month angers many Whites), many Whites take an antagonistic and ahistorical stance regarding White supremacy and racism and presume that simply because the label “White” is obscured from something, it wasn’t intended for Whites. This is one of the key facets of Whiteness. Everything from pretending television channels aren’t primarily centered on Whiteness (since they aren’t ALL specifically labeled “White Entertainment Television”), to an ahistorical stance on affirmative action to ignoring how history itself is constructed is the stance that is necessary to maintaining a White supremacist view of the world. Thus, naturally, anyone who rejects White supremacy as a whole is viewed as a “reverse racist” by some individual Whites. A facet of White supremacy is that the rejection of it is to become that which you are rejecting, a racist—which is logically fallacious, of course.

Class Titles That I Tweeted:

  • How To Keep Feminism FOCUSED - Removing Pesky Derailment On Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Class & Ability
  • How Lena Dunham and Lisa Lampenelli Champion Feminism But Beyonce and Michelle Obama Do Not -
  • Gender and Racism - How The REAL Racism is From White Men, Not White Women, Who Are Just Kidding.
  • Da Fuck Is Intersectionality? - Using AAVE While Questioning Anything Outside of White Supremacist Feminism
  • Grassroots Org. Theory - Using SlutWalk to Marginalize Black Women Via Racial Slurs and Ahistorical Analysis #whitehistoryclasses
  • Race & Domestic Violence - White Women’s Creative Ways To Attack Black Women Victims of DV From Rihanna To The Unfamous
  • African-American Women and Modern Social Media - How To Integrate White Women Into ALL Natural Hair Spaces
  • From Victorian Dresses To Bamboo Earrings, At Least Two Pair - Using Fashion As A Ticket To Everything But The Burden
  • Cultural Appropriation - Examining Typical Black Overreaction To Theft And How It Stymies White Creativity
  • Social Media & Race - Trending Topics/Tumblr Writers Are WORSE Than Past/Present Oppression of People of Colour 
  • Social Media and Race Magic - Turning Blacks Into Human Google or Google Scholar Apps To Research Race For Free #whitehistoryclasses
  • Social Media and Modern Employment - Using Technology To Violate Protective Class Laws #whitehistoryclasses
  • Black Heroes & Social Media - Creating Photo/Text Memes of MLK
  • and Rosa To Defend Racism, Which Doesn’t Exist
  • Erasing Rosa - Focusing On The Phrase “No” In 1955 Is More Important Than A Lifetime Of Activism Of Rosa Parks
  • Parental Boycott Theory - Examining Effective Strategies For Obscuring and Removing Morrison Lit From Schools
  • Race & Education - Handcuffing Black/Latino 5-7 Yr Olds To Improve White Test Scores Compared To Rest of Globe #whitehistoryclasses
  • Broken Brown Bodies and Pulitzers - Examining A Pure Coincidence Between Colourblind Photographers and Race
  • Glamour Aid - Using Fame and Ignoring Racism & Colonial History To Save Continents #whitehistoryclasses
  • White Liberation Theory - How White Men In The 1% Are Heroes While People Of Colour Kill The Free Market #whitehistoryclasses
  • Advanced Criminology - How Stand Your Ground Laws and Protection of White Men Is Central To A Free Republic #whitehistoryclasses
  • Psychology of Gratitude - Examining Why Blacks Can’t Be Happy When They’re Called “Articulate” or “Strong” #whitehistoryclasses
  • Blackface - How It’s Not Racist To Do It If You’re Jewish and Fighting Anti-Semites Who Won’t Allow You To #whitehistoryclasses

  • No Country For Nuance - Methods For False Equivalence, Ignoring Privilege and Rewriting History #whitehistoryclasses
  • Rubber and Glue Theory - How To Effectively Accuse People of Colour Of Racism Anytime They Challenge Racism
  • Race and Humor - Examining Black Satire As Anger, While Limiting Their Emotional Range and Being Ahistorical #whitehistoryclasses
  • Satire Essentials - Examining How Satire Is “Racism” When Blacks Use It To Examine Actual Racism
  • Love and Race - Coping With The Rejection of White Supremacy and How Whiteness Is NOT Universal
  • Universal Whiteness - Black Resistance To Systematic Oppression/Racism Is Equal To Hating Individual Whites #whitehistoryclasses

I’ve actually written straightforward essays that confront the issues beneath the satire that I suggested in most of the class titles; they’re all throughout my blog since its inception—not a single thing is arbitrary or untruthful. This is what is most compelling about this trending topic—the LIVED experience, collective anecdotal evidence, empirical evidence, spoken word narratives over time and the actual documented history (not even just the truthful history but even some of the whitewashed history) STILL confirms what is behind these tweets. In other words, Whites are not interested in THEIR OWN history…even as THEY have written it. James Baldwin was so right…

*edit after the fact; just “gender” is the term that I learned should be used for trans, just like cis, not “gender identity.”

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