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February 2013

"You’re A…Feminist Blogger?"

I have had people respond with sheer surprise at the fact that I consider my blog a feminist blog and that I am a Womanist who embraces Black Feminist Theory and Intersectional Feminism.


Why shock? Does the word “feminist” have to be in the blog’s title? Do I have to use pink in the graphic design? Should I post an endless series of articles about what thin cisgender heterosexual able-bodied middle class White women want and nothing else? Must I exclude articles about beauty (because Black women are expected to ignore our own ideas of beauty in the name of feminism, while conveniently beauty norms matches those of White feminists), health, life, fashion and art because feminists like politics and nothing else? Should I not include posts about…say…feminist Black men or the LGBTQ community? Must I applaud absolutely anything involved in the feminist movement instead of offering deep inquiry and critique intended to improve my and other feminists’ positions so that we are actually resistant to kyriarchy versus tools of kyriarchy?

Oh ok. Well in that case, people can consider my blog to be whatever they like (since not only the idea of what feminism is but how it should visually appear is being suffocated by White supremacy) but I know what it is and it’ll still be on and poppin’ here, as usual.

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