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February 2013

On Race…

The links below include some of my writing on race, particular to racism, White supremacy and White privilege.

  1. Conversations With White People About Race
  2. 8 Predictable and Annoying Responses In Conversations About Race
  3. Whiteness Is NOT Universal
  4. Why Whites Hate Affirmative Action
  5. The Biggest Myth About Racial “Tolerance”
  6. The Unicorn Defense Against Claims Of Racism
  7. White Women and White Privilege: Telling Them NO
  8. White Women and White Privilege
  9. Bristol Palin, Kim Kardashian and White Privilege
  10. White Women In Black Natural Hair Spaces
  11. The Invisible War and Racial Politics
  12. #WhiteHistoryClasses, Race, Satire and Social Media
  13. My Experiences With White People and Social Media
  14. White Male Terrorist Violence, White Supremacy and The Media
  15. White Female Criminals, White Supremacy and The Media
  16. The Charming “White Male Asshole” Character On Television
  17. Race and Humor
  18. 7 Predictable Ways That The Media Portrays Black Olympic Athletes
  19. Black Woman? Want A Job? Register On Monster.com As A White Woman
  20. On Being A “Social Justice Warrior”
  21. A Predictable Reaction From Whites To Social Justice Writing
  22. The Dangerous Line Between Compliments and Racial Tone Policing
  23. Black Bodies: Objects For White Profit, Power and Pleasure
  24. The “Othering” Of Evil
  25. No, It’s Not Magically “Great” Because Someone White Did It
  26. “Hey BUDDY! I Totally Understand! Racism Is A Two Way Street!”
  27. “Statistics Are True ONLY IF They Make YOU Look Bad!”
  28. I Don’t Have Any White Friends
  29. I Am Not Your Servant
  30. Microaggressions 2.0
  31. Casual Racism At The Polls
  32. “Can You Teach Me About Racism?”
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