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February 2013

Patriarchy, Sexism and Misogynoir - An Intraracial View

I recognize the amazing work that many Black men who are intersectional feminists engage in and like bell hooks mentioned, I speak about that good work and don’t pretend that there are no Black men interested in such work.

However, I am NOT going to be silent on the impact of intraracial sexism, misogynoir and patriarchal thinking by Black men and its impact on my own life, Black women or the Black community. I have never been silent on this. Further, I am always interested in discussing it within the larger context of White supremacist capitalist patriarchy and kyriarchy itself because I don’t believe in arbitrary, de-contextualized blaming, as that is not analysis or Womanist work.

Like bell hooks wrote:

Everyone seems eager to forget that it is possible for Black women to love Black men and yet unequivocally challenge and oppose sexism, male domination and phallocentrism.

Below are some of my essays that I’ve written on this topic, some highly personal and others examine my experiences and Black women’s in a larger context.

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