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May 2013

Race and The Attention Wars Amidst Feminist Discourse

Yesterday I posted a few tweets about what is another factor amidst White feminists’ consistent groupie-like protection of White men when those White men make misogynoir-infested statements and “jokes” about Black women. Most essays on the topic have addressed the lack of intersectional thinking at best, straight up racism and misogynoir at worst from White feminists. But there’s more. And the “more” is actually simpler than most Black womanists/feminists and other feminists of colour think.

(I accidentally misspelled misogynoir in this tweet)

So yes, the issues that I raised in The Predictable Cycle of White Liberal “Humor” At Black Women’s Expense, What’s Really Going On With White Feminists’ Critiques of Beyoncé? and I Don’t Have To Like What White Women Like - Pop Culture and Feminism are still factors.

The issues that Black feminist @graceishuman raised in The Other Double Standard: On Humor and Racism in Feminism and The Perils of Funny Feminism are still factors.

But let’s be clear, there’s things going on at the very complex AND the very simple level. In fact @tressiemcphd alluded to this very same attention/mate selection competition amidst progressive spaces (and not only status quo-enforcing ones) in my Storify on Beyoncé, Is Beyoncé Going To Be Critiqued By White Feminists Ad Perpetuum? which I further elaborated on in the same Storify.

In many ways, this reeks of the same competition fueled by patriarchy in status quo enforcing spaces—what I would hope not to see in progressive discourse. But alas, there it is anyway. The idea that Black women should always be inferior and not worthy enough to be loved by anyone or even be anyone’s victim, if it distracts from White women’s victimhood prevails.

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