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May 2013

Womanism/Black Feminism and Race In Feminist Discourse

Below are some of my essays on womanism/Black feminism. Also, there are essays that examine race, White privilege, racism and White supremacy amidst feminist discourse and responses to critiques of feminism.

  1. “You’re A…Feminist Blogger?”
  2. On The Word “Womanist” Being “Made Up”
  3. I Am STILL HERE For Feminism
  4. Attempts To Silence Womanist/Feminist Writers
  5. 7 Attacks On Feminism
  6. I Don’t Like The Word “Unfeminist”
  7. Feminist Black Women and “The Black Church”
  8. Thoughts About Atheism and Intersectional Feminism
  9. The Academe Was My Introduction To White Supremacist Feminism
  10. Black Women Are Not Just White Women’s “Allies” In Feminism
  11. I Don’t Have To Like What White Women Like - Pop Culture and Feminism
  12. Black Women Do Not Have To Reject Any Mention Of Beauty To Be Womanist/Feminist
  13. White Feminists Who Think Of Michelle Obama’s Identity As An Assault On Their Own Identities
  14. The Predictable Cycle of White Liberal “Humor” At Black Women’s Expense
  15. So Lena Dunham Is Your Pathway To Feminism? Ha.
  16. What’s Really Going On With White Feminists’ Critiques of Beyoncé?
  17. Race and The Attention Wars Amidst Feminist Discourse
  18. A Black Man Asked “Whose ‘Side’ Are Black Women On?”
  19. A Note To Some Feminist Black Men: Though bell hooks Is Exquisite, There’s More To Black Feminism Than bell hooks
  20. Black Male Allies Needed, Not “Heroes”
  21. Critical Discussions About Anti-Oppression Praxis Aren’t For “Entertainment”
  22. When Male Privilege and White Privilege Shape “Progressive” Conversations
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