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June 2013

So this happened. Y’all know I do not normally drag people. You can barely find that in my tweets (except men who street harass; I drag them. I don’t care). But I’m tired of the attacks on Rachel Jeantel. TIRED. What has she done so offensive by her sheer existence?

Some Whites are attacking her too, but I expected their racism. I mean, they put money into Zimmerman’s account and managed to have some left over to buy Paula Deen’s cookbooks even after finding out about her labor exploitation…and then compared it to rappers? Even so, watching the manifestations of White supremacist thinking by Black/people of colour with the unmitigated hatred towards Rachel has been painful.

I went into further detail beyond these tweets above in my Storify: Yesterday, I was DONE With People Dragging Rachel Jeantel. DONE. I included other people’s tweets who rejected Lolo’s attack as well; I wasn’t the only one. I explained why Lolo’s attack is inherently colourism, classism, elitism, and misogynoir in addition to dehumanizing and minimizing the seriousness of the trial (this is a murder trial, not an episode of a comedy show). Again, this is a witness in a murder trial. A TRIAL.

Also, view the links below (including the ones I screen capped above in my tweet). We need an immediate rethinking as Black/people of colour about WHY we are so adamant to attack Rachel Jeantel.

Rise above this hatred against Rachel. Examine why you feel it if you do. Reject living by White supremacist rules as dictated by the White Gaze. Please read every single link in this post even if you weren’t one of the ones who were bigoted towards her. Please. Black women deserve better than this.

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