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August 2013

I Love Black Women <3

I mentioned this yesterday on Twitter but the Black women that I have talked to via various social media sites since 2006 have been so amazing to me. Not every individual one, but well over 95%. It’s been really epic.

I’m an introvert and I believe in quality friendships. My closest friends have been my friends for many many years. But I keep very few for obvious reasons. I like quality and depth more than quantity. Blame the introversion, but I go harder than Brooklyn with my INTJ-ness.

But social media, especially Twitter and Tumblr have exposed me to quality and in quantity. And this is kind of awesome, yes? Like…I can think of 100 Black women that I can send a tweet right now and we’d laugh and it’s epic. Hundreds of them send me emails. Thousands of them follow my various social media presences.

So for all of the racism, sexism, misogynoir, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, fatphobia and every type of nastiness and system of oppression that you can think of that plagues the globe and by proxy the Internet, since that’s where people are, there’s good here. There’s online friendship. There’s fellowship. There’s sisterhood. It doesn’t evaporate any of the oppression that I just mentioned. It does mean that I am speaking of it, deconstructing it, fighting it and rejecting it and not alone doing so. Plus, it means that there are Black women and their intelligence, creativity, beauty, style, humor, wit, courage, sensitivity, kindness and humanity that regularly make me smile.

It means a lot to me. Just know that when you send me those warm emails or those tweets telling me that I am great, I believe you because though we are different, we are a variety of reflections of each other and if you say that I’m great, I know it’s true. Because I think you are great too.

And I wanted you to know that.

Do you know that my youngest sister (mid-20s) reads my blog everyday? Everyday! I cannot express how that matters to me more than these really disgusting mainstream content trolls and plagiarists who think I should be flattered that they “noticed” little ol’ Black and female me. See, they’re stuck on metrics while I am stuck on relationships. People who matter know who I am and they matter because they both think and love.

Whether it’s my five sisters, my two half sisters, my Black women friends offline or any of you who read my blog and/or talk to me on Twitter or Tumblr, you’re great.

Don’t ever forget that.


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