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August 2013

On Hugo Schwyzer, White Supremacist Mainstream Feminism and Its Abuse of Women of Colour

Hugo Schwyzer, self-proclaimed male feminist, has abused, manipulated, dominated, disrespected, lied on, assaulted, cornered, and destroyed women for YEARS. Many of these women are women of colour—ones that White supremacist mainstream feminism wants silenced and out of the way.

We are good enough to plagiarize. However, our health, well-being and humanity are repeatedly disregarded as we are purposely attacked as well. Hugo was able to do this to several women of colour because White supremacist mainstream feminism allowed him the platform, power and money to do so. This manifested in his position as a professor and an overbearing dominant voice in feminist discourse.

This past Friday, he had a meltdown where he targeted, once again, the women he previously harmed and was, once again, defended by prominent White feminists either through their calculated silence (despite defending him for years) or responses of concern for his mental health, not the mental health and well-being of the women of colour, the female students or the romantic partners he has abused for years.

I published a Storify today, On Hugo Schwyzer, White Supremacist Feminism and Its Abuse of WoC, where I document: 1) my/others’ response to this abusive man being allowed to abuse with impunity, 2) my/others’ response to his mental health issues being used to conflate with or ignore his abuse, and how this adds ableist stigma to millions of people who suffer, survive and thrive with/despite mental illness yet aren’t abusive, 3) how the mainstream mental health system itself supports abusers via White supremacist ideologies and ethics, 4) response from some of the women of colour that he directly harmed 5) support for these women of colour from other people 6) links to Hugo’s actual rant meltdown and backstory that documents YEARS of his abuse of women, though still allowed to DOMINATE mainstream feminist discourse during this abuse.

And for those who want to use abuse within feminism to justify why kyriarchy itself (which causes the abuse within feminism, no less) is “better” than feminism and *this* is why Black women should abandon justice for patriarchal thinking? No. As I alluded to before and mentioned in the aforementioned Storify, regarding mainstream White feminism:

I don’t want a seat at your table. I want you to stop setting fire to my table in a different room in a different house that you try to rob. Again, those in the margins DO NOT critique mainstream White feminism because we want acceptance. NOPE. NEVER DID. Want *any* oppression to stop. Don’t come with ‘see feminism is bad’ because you’re missing point. Kyriarchy is bad, whether it has mainstream White feminism as a tool or not.

I support and stand with the women he has harmed. I do not support abusers or their apologists. And apologists? Do not test me today. Do not. Do not come to this post to reblog apologist nonsense. Nothing other than solidarity with whom he has harmed is acceptable here. Not interested in “balanced views”  or “playing Devil’s Advocate” where an abusive, violent, racist, sexist, misogynoirist, misogynist, class privileged, petulant, cis heteroseuxal White male’s needs are placed equal to the women he harmed.

I center their needs, hurt, concerns and lives.

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