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September 2013

I see that Solange Knowles is also tired of the exploitative, eat, pray, love syndrome, "everybody wanna be a nigga but don’t nobody wanna be a nigga," fuck feelings or context, you can’t call them out for racism for they’ll claim you’re slut shaming them (if they’re women), Whites and their cultural appropriation of Black culture.

They genuinely make me ill with this. Genuinely. And apparently Solange has had enough as well. 

Sadly, and as expected actually, some Black people attacked her online in defense of people like Miley Cyrus. Eh…Zzzzz. I already explained why they do this: Pop Culture, Social Justice and Race: When Black People Love Whiteness More Than Fellow Black People

This isn’t Solange’s first time critiquing ignorance or White supremacy. She did so in regards to music writers who don’t know the music they write about and in response to a White woman who made racist remarks about her natural hair. 

And yeah yeah, I know plenty of spoiled White supremacist, “coming of age,” ignorant, annoying, privileged, entitled irritant of a human being type of Whites have their long, boring, dry, inaccurate, decontextualized, fuckshit ass arguments as to why they should be entitled to exploit Black people and Black culture and that we should be “flattered” and any Black person who isn’t is “jealous” or “making a big deal” or whatever excuse they tell themselves instead of examining why they have this desire in the first place. And yeah I know geniuses of colour such as bell hooks, James Baldwin and Paulo Freire already explained why they do but since White supremacy fosters individualism, “isolated incident” perspectives (versus institutions/systems frame of thinking) and anti-introspection, they aren’t going to examine this. And yeah, some do this because they enjoy the harm it causes Black people, especially Black women. I know what’s up. 

I like when Solange speaks out. :)

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