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October 2013

Azealia is a beautiful and talented woman, musically. Obviously has skills. But…these tweets. They’re daggers in my brain and soul. And this after I just finished throwing confetti around for Solange critiquing cultural appropriation, not rewriting history to align with White supremacy, Azealia does this. Azealia keeps breaking my heart over and over. 

Anyway, the link that I tweeted her is: Whites’ Exploitation of Black Culture (Cultural Appropriation) 101, which I alluded to in a previous post and in the post on Solange (which includes MULTIPLE links explaining cultural appropriation and examples).

Her false equalization here and completely erroneous expression of history is just…dangerous. It is not an “opinion.” An opinion is whether you think burgers are better than wings. This is completely false, ahistorical, dangerous and affirms hegemonic lies about history. She is not “entitled” to an opinion that is a falsehood and misinterpretation of Black experiences and history. 

And I know the very boring response from those terrified to challenge hegemony will be “just ignore her” and “ignore” every manifestation oppression, including Black people believing lies. Um…nope. Most people who tell me to "ignore" really mean "silence you, I must protect the status quo and victim blame, not challenge oppressive thinking anywhere I see it!”  

I just…want better for Azealia. Cause…um…

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