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October 2013
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Misogynoir (Word Origins)



I made up this word as a graduate student. I learned recently that some people on “teh interwebs” object to its formation because I mixed Greek and French. The word is not etymologically correct. 

I don’t care. I’m far more concerned that I felt like I needed a word to describe the particular fuckery Black women face in popular culture. Part of the reason I went with noir is that it also has a media connotation which seemed an important coincidence. 

This is a post.

ooooo! Moya thank you for your creation, i did not know this and will need to remember for now on. fuck the haters.

I always credit Crunk Feminist Collective for this word since I use it a lot but glad to now know the specific creator. Also, there are plenty of words that have mixed root origins (some call them hybrid words), so not sure how they are coming up with this etymological argument, which is more about hegemony than anything else. The only argument I saw that was worth even one second to speak of was someone demanded an -e be placed on the end. However, I don’t think that is necessary since -gyn indicates gender, and race or hue itself is not gendered. Persons are. Plus, adding the -e made me think it might feel too cisgender focused if the word was “feminized” in two places.

People didn’t want to accept the terms “womanism” or “intersectionality” at first either. Some still don’t. Gee…wonder why? <sarcasm> I am sure it has nothing to do with them being coined by Black women, speaking to Black women’s experiences or used by Black women. </sarcasm>

Thank you for creating a term that from my experience immediately lets people know we’re speaking of specific anti-Black misogyny that differs from the general misogyny that all women experience including White women. This “we are all women” thing is meant to slience Black women and ain’t nobody got time for that. We can acknowledge differences.

The people angry about this word probably also dislike Quvenzhané’s name. The image below is all of the seats that they can have. 

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