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November 2013

Best tweetup meetup evarrrr! After years of great public and private conversation online, I finally met Lutze (@FeministGriote, the genius you know from thisthis, and this) in person. While I love 1 on 1 time with awesome Black women, this time is usually with women I know offline. I don’t do a lot of tweetups; maybe have done 4 since 2009 when I joined Twitter. 

She is AMAZING. We were supposed to just have lunch but spent the entire day talking well until nightfall. The connection and recognition there, something really only another Black woman has been able to give me over a lifetime was great. I told her it almost felt like talking to my BFF of 17+ years. She took me to a fabulous Italian restaurant in her neck of the woods that was the truth! I had this lasagna in bolognese sauce with stuffed mushrooms and she had a shrimp pasta. And their cappuccinos and lattes were great.

Talking to her is why I went back to Twitter. As you recall, I mentioned leaving a few days ago and was considering deleting it. I won’t get into what we talked about, but I did make a decision to stay. And, if I have to delete 100 emails a day and BLOCK 1,000 people a day to have peace, I will. And I know some will ask "but how are you furthering discourse if you won’t allow yourself to be abused like a mule online?" I am not here for this. Many people seem to think enduring abuse is how I “prove” my commitment to justice. Uh…no. I don’t have to prove a thing. And they don’t seem to understand how this thought process directly contributes to oppression that Black women face and is not progressive thinking.

I am here primarily to connect with other Black women and other women of colour and chat with cool people in general, not to “educate" or coddle bigots.  Too many people like Lutze are online to miss out connecting with them, so bigots will be the ones to go, not me.

I am so thankful for talking to her about this and the plethora of other topics we had good conversation on and good laughs about. She is so fabulous and brilliant and just…amazing.

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