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December 2013

Ani DiFranco’s Offensive Stunt Bores Me

Before the flood of emails (which have already started) come from Whites—who feed off of my responses to the daily racist assaults from White women on Black women, and think that a response from me is me simply performing Angry Black Woman™ for their entertainment to watch from a distance, and that these things have no actual impact on me as a human being since that would require viewing me as a human being—asking about Ani DiFranco’s “righteous retreat” on a plantation, let me save them the time. FUCK HER.

Are they happy now? Are they masturbating to the pain that such a disgusting display of White supremacy and racism in feminism causes Black women, especially ones who are the descendants of slaves? How many Black people do they regularly hit up with emails—anxiously waiting like a predator salivating as they get super close to the prey—asking for a response to each racist incident that occurs on a daily basis? How many of those emails do they send to Black women who are Black feminists, Womanists, writers, activists etc? 

While much of my personal family history (and some of my roots I don’t even fully know yet, but the legacy of bondage is heavy nevertheless) leads to slavery in what was called (and is still called by some) the West Indies at the time and not specifically in America, it’s still slavery. And the enslaved in the Caribbean and South America combined actually is a larger group than was in the United States. Now on to the United States. So Black women who are the descendants of slaves in the United States are supposed to support a retreat on a plantation with White women and feel “righteous” in that space and affirming? Us Black women who live in America today and experience racism today are supposed to be okay with White women claiming such a space and event is something to empower them? And sure, while many White women will quickly claim that patriarchy oppressed White women during slavery as if they had zero agency and had no investment into slavery themselves—as if that experience can even remotely compare to the dehumanization and lynching (that Black women experienced as well), what Black people, what Black women experienced during slavery or even now—they know damn well what they are doing when they chose such a location for something they claim will be affirming. And the fact that racists, White men in particular, are defending this event (and as to be expected, are connecting this to the First Amendment, you know, the one nobody reads or understands) and attacking Black women on Twitter in defense of DiFranco speaks volumes. Nice feminism there when it’s indistinguishable from White supremacy. Of course some of these White men who do this regularly use other derailment tactics such as "my ancestors were slaves too!", “what about the Irish?” and “well Africans had slaves too!”

As if this is not enough, on Facebook a White woman had to pretend to be a Black woman and defend the layers of racism involved in such a retreat. How…is this different from the tactics of racist hate groups? Oh…it isn’t. And the filthy Whitewashed lies about how the slaves at this particular plantation lived “nicer” lives than other slaves (as if you can measure “goodness” when you decide a human being is chattel, a tool of capitalism, a product; this cognitive dissonance is key to White supremacy) and that not to support an “empowering” retreat on a plantation that’s a museum means the same thing as preventing people from learning about slavery is the type of racist false equalization that Whites, honestly White women in particular, use to center themselves as victims and never oppressors.

Nothing White supremacists do is clever. And in feminism, it’s really predictable. I already know their modus operandi. 1) Do/say racist stuff 2) claim feminism makes it ok 3) pretend cluelessness about last 400 years 4) White Tears™ 5) blame Black women/women of colour 6) career boost. And don’t let it be a celebrity who already has the career boost. Then their actions are defended to the death and if not there is such “heartbreak” involved in having to critique them.

Oh and the latest derailment is to say "but the retreat didn’t say feminist on it! It’s only for creatives!" Her fans include White feminists. Ani DiFranco regularly discusses feminism and from what I’ve seen identifies as one. Some consider her a feminist icon. Her Wikipedia page uses the phrase “feminist icon.” Now some White women want to pretend that DiFranco is a lone White woman in the wilderness with no White women as fans or no connection to mainstream feminism? There goes the White supremacist “lone gunman” and “isolated incident” defense. The usual. Here is the usual external individualism replacing introspection and an institutional/systems perspective. Standard White supremacy.

I am bored. And for those waiting to get off on my anger, the truth is, I am bored by another predictable stunt by White women. The boredom flows with all of the other human emotions/responses to this such as genuine disgust, irritation, anger, the weird need to puke…and such. But yeah, bored.

"But…but…not all White women are involved in this!” - White woman

Change.org petition against this event.

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