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January 2014

My Father’s Daughter

Had another interesting conversation with my dad. He mentioned how one of my uncles, his baby brother, mentioned how “popular” my dad is because people literally gather at his house or anywhere he is to talk to him or be around him…even when they don’t like him. Trying to see what his opinions are. Having him explain things about his crafts (building things, fixing things, painting, carving, fishing, etc.). Then they run off with that knowledge and pretend that they knew it all along.

If you know me, you know why I am laughing right now. Hi. I am his daughter. 

So basically my father, an introvert not stuck on “fame” or “popularity,” has people gather around him for opinions and perspectives and then some claim that the knowledge they gained was theirs to start with. And of course everyone learns from other people. But when I say claim the knowledge gained was theirs I mean this for example: my dad explained how to build a particular boat part to a guy. That same day, the guy went and told a few other men that he’s been building boats for a while and here’s how to build that part. On the same day. 

I died laughing.

Basically he’s living the analog version of my digital life. I say digital life because I’ve managed to be more of an introvert offline than he is, so I don’t quite experience what he does offline. 

It is creepily uncanny how similar our personalities and lives are. I died laughing and when I explained why I was laughing, he started laughing too.

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