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January 2014

A Perfect Day For This Introvert…

I had a really nice day today. After waking up to no more blog coding nightmare as I had for days, I went out and had lunch with my BFF. I absolutely love her company. It’s so funny talking to someone I’ve known for more than half my lifetime. As teens figuring out the soon to be entrance into adulthood. As young undergrads figuring out relationships and careers. As graduate students wanting to run away screaming from classes (and the bigotry; whew) despite high GPAs. As corporate robots abused in ways that can’t always be written. As friends who’ve traveled internationally together. As adults realizing so many things about ourselves and our lives. As Black women who’ve loved, laughed, comforted, debated, embraced, and known each other for years that really matter. It’s one of the best relationships in my life; maybe the best.

And really, no matter what we discuss that is occurring within the moment itself, we always also have some moments of memory lane trips. Analyzing. Laughing. Remembering. As an introvert, there’s nothing like the one-on-one person time with someone who matters. It’s almost as good as solitude and sometimes better. 

After lunch and talking with her, I then engaged in my newest ritual—having a manicure and hand massage every couple of weeks. It really helps. I don’t necessarily need to feel “pampered” but I do enjoy pretty short nails! From writing a lot of words and at a consistent pace, even before Gradient Lair, my hands are tired. Sometimes my fingers lock up and I can’t move some of them. Sometimes my wrists look more like ankles than wrists as they get swollen. The massage definitely helps and I doze off during the massage, relieved from pain, even if only temporarily. I usually deal with a lot of body pain in totality from some past car accident injuries

After the manicure and massage, I had one of my recent street harassment-free walks that I mentioned earlier this month in that area still under construction. I usually walk after 5pm or on a weekend, when literally no men are around. Even though the construction is making driving a living hell for most people in the area, I am thankful for this respite for however long it lasts. Because once it’s done, I won’t have a safe area (that’s close enough without driving to the area in the first place) to walk again and I crave daily walks and fresh air in peace. 

All in all, just a damn lovely day today. And right now I have a choice of gelato or cheesecake in the freezer so really everything is just perfect in this moment. Happy one-on-one time with the bestest of friends; happy time alone. Introvert perfection and such. A perfect day for this introvert anyway. 

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